At EDD, customer satisfaction is a main priority. That is why we offer in-depth training packages to our customers. Upon request, we will send engineers and software specialists to our customer’s facility for DEW/ISM training. Training is performed hands-on in a classroom with trainees working directly with real data. We prefer to use our customer’s own data, but training models are also available.

The training comes in two main packages.

Module Specific Training
A module represents a business process that uses a combination of features and/or applications. Our DEW/ISM expert will go over the basic functions of the software, as well how to use many of our applications and modules necessary for in-depth modeling. These applications include:
  • • Basic User Training
  • • Model Building
  • • Loads, Measurements, and Load Modeling
  • • DER Analysis
  • • Distribution Planning
  • • Conservation Voltage Reduction
Applications Specific Training
An application is a self-contained analysis in DEW/ISM that can be a part of a module or performed standalone. Some of the applications our DEW/ISM experts provide training for are:
  • • Phase Balancing
  • • Capacitor Design
  • • Protection Coordination
We also provide a complimentary DEW/ISM User Guide and application guides.