Robert Broadwater honored with emeritus status

EDD founder and Chief Technology Officer Robert Broadwater has been conferred the title of Professor Emeritus by Virginia Tech. A member of the university community since 1989, Dr, Broadwater developed a new approach of analysis, known as Graph Trace Analysis, that is now used in the DEW/ISM modeling of electric power systems involving transmission, substations, and electric power distribution, all in the same model. Click here to read the announcement from VA Tech.


EDD becomes Associate Member in CURENT at University of Tennessee; DEW/ISM to be used in Transmission Networks research

The University of Tennessee has established the Engineering Research Center for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks (called “CURENT”).  The purpose of CURENT is to establish a mechanism whereby the educational and research environment can be used to develop better understanding of electric power engineering and related fields, and simulate industrial innovation.

Electrical Distribution Design, Inc. of Blacksburg, VA has been invited and has agreed to join CURENT as an Associate Member as part of the Industrial Partners Program.  EDD will provide DEW/ISM software licenses and technical support to the CURENT team.

Member organizations include the University of Tennessee, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and the State of Tennessee.  Partnering Universities include Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Northeastern University and Tuskegee University.

The DEW/ISM (Distributed Energy Workstation/Integrated System Model) is a commercial software program for advanced modeling and analysis that is being used by leading electric utilities and related businesses.  DEW/ISM provides integrated system models for unbalanced three-phase power flow solutions of transmission, substation and distribution systems of any size and complexity.  DEW/ISM is the only power flow software that utilizes Graph Trace Analysis (GTA) for modeling and analyzing electric networks.  EDD’s Chief Technical Officer and Virginia Tech professor, Dr. Robert Broadwater, is the inventor of GTA.

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EDD Demonstrates DEW at the 2016 NISC MIC (Members Information Conference)

This year the annual users group meeting for National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) was held in St. Louis from September 7th through the 14th. There were over 2,500 NISC customer/members in attendance.  This was the first year that EDD attended. In August, EDD and NISC jointly announced the completion of an expanded DEW license reseller agreement between the two companies, and also that NISC has made an equity investment in EDD.

At the MIC, Bill Tolley, EDD’s Product Support Manager demonstrated the DEW desktop application in two well-attended sessions. The companies have rolled out the DEW desktop to a group of NISC members who are working as a pilot group.  Bill’s presentation was focused on the DEW applications that the NISC pilot group is using. These include Power Flow analysis with time series measurement data, Phase Balancing, Fault Location and Motor Start Analysis.

View the presentation  …  edd_dew-presentation-at-nisc-mic-2016