edd_fsmaElectrical Distribution Design develops, customizes, and sells DEW/ISM for electric utilities around the world.  This software bridges the gap between the utilities and the smart grid by providing the tools the industry needs to adapt to the growth of distributed energy resources and a changing energy landscape. DEW/ISM allows clients to construct complex, fully-functional models to handle all of their engineering, operating, and control needs.

The company partners with early adopters of DEW/ISM to focus the software model to provide real-world solutions to typical problems encountered by the utility industry. By working directly with utility companies, EDD recognizes and understand the biggest problems they face and have been able to develop modeling applications to address those needs.

EDD has helped electric utilities, universities, and municipalities take control of their distribution systems with DEW/ISM and engineering services, such as DER interconnection studies, conservation voltage reduction,  model maintenance, and customer support.

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