Model Maintenance

EDD DEW/ISMDEW/ISM is installed with the ability to maintain our client’s custom models. The DEW Circuit Builder Toolset and Process are a set of included utilities that together provide for the management and updating of the ISM circuit model. Included in the toolset are:

DEW Component Manager
The Component Manager is used to make additions and modifications to the Engineering Parts Database. The engineering characteristics of all electrical components are managed through this database. The majority of the components that exist on North American utility systems are already modeled and available for use. Clients will have a few unique components to be added and the database will be tuned for their specific operations.

DEW Data Mapper
This module provides the interface between the client’s GIS system and the DEW Circuit Builder. The Data Mapper is used to extract the pertinent topology information from the GIS records and create an associated circuit component in DEW/ISM. It has additional functionality to automatically correct topology errors coming from GIS and insert default parts where data is missing. It then generates error correction logs and provides easy-to-use reports that the System Administrator can use to back populate corrections into GIS.

DEW Circuit Builder
The DEW Circuit Builder takes the output from the Data Mapper and creates circuit models that make up the feeder in the ISM.

DEW Load Management Tool
This tool is used to combine the multiple sources of customer load data into a common data set for loading over a 12 month planning horizon. It semi-automates the process of combining data from interval meters (AMI, commercial/industrial, and load research customers) and monthly consumption meters into a uniform load model. It then loads that data onto the ISM.

DEW Component Setting Manager
The DEW Component Setting Manager is a utility that supports the management of individual device settings for the production model. The settings are automatically loaded onto the model based on user preferences.

DEW Measurement Selector
It is a utility that allows the user to manage sets of measurements (SCADA, Generator Output, etc.) for use while performing studies.

DEW Load/Gen Database
The DEW Load/Gen Database can be deployed to manage all load and generator attachments to the client’s model. It manages all measurements in one convenient location. It processes net electric meter data to separate customer load from generator output. For example, PV systems.

The DEW Circuit Builder Toolset and Process produces major monthly reports of updates to DEW/ISM.

Error Correction Logs
These are a set of configurable tabular displays that can be used interactively by a System Administrator or captured in one or more client preferred formats.

Model QA Documentation Report
This produces an automated calculation that compares results against acceptable tolerance levels. The process assures that the power flow calculations on the new model are within tolerance versus the previous month’s base case calculations.

With up-to-date models, our customers will have the capability to expand the DEW/ISM for additional smart grid functions of advanced design, operations, and management of smart grid elements.

These could include battery storage, phase-shifting transformers, phasor measurement units, resource forecasting, energy efficiency, state estimation, proactive big data analytics, conservation voltage reduction, etc.

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