DER Interconnection Studies

edd_der_interconnectionThe┬áincrease of distributed generation appearing in the distribution networks, specifically high penetration solar, appearing on electric utility’s distribution networks, potential impacts on systems, utility equipment, and customer safety need to be studied and planned for. DER interconnection studies are intended to quantify the extent of any effects, discover any problems, and search for alternative solutions.

Our DER Interconnection Team is composed of EDD engineers who specialize in these analyses. They check for possible instances of flicker, outages, islanding, and other potential effects, and make suggestions to our customers on ways to mitigate these issues.

Using DEW/ISM’s DER Interconnection Study module, the planner can perform semi-automated studies of interconnection requests that are aligned with industry standards, such as IEEE 1547. Our engineers can either train the utility planners to do the studies themselves or we can provide the service ourselves. Either way, using DEW/ISM is a low cast and efficient option for utilities to handle the ever increasing volume of interconnection requests.

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