Our services are focused to support the implementation, maintenance, and growth of DEW/ISM while solving the most complicated problems for electric utilities. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and giving our customers access to our highly experienced and expert staff.

Maintenance and Support

EDD works closely with customers in order to keep DEW/ISM working for them. The customer is provided a maintenance and support agreement, which outlines what they can expect from us. We utilize customer collaboration to release incremental software updates based on common industry needs.

Our dedicated product support team investigates reported errors and works diligently to fix them promptly. In order to best serve our customers, we maintain an easy-to-use support page where they can submit their orders. When remote support isn’t feasible, we will send a software engineer to provide on-site support.

Model Build

EDD provides model build support tailored to our client needs. Our engineers will turnkey the entire model build process for some projects, while providing training, consulting, quality assurance, and technical oversight on others. The DEW/ISM model build process allows EDD engineers to create a flexible environment for our customers.

Since DEW/ISM is a physics-based model of the electric system, the topology is derived from an existing physical model contained in a utility’s GIS or other system. The topology model can include all system elements or just be a representation of the system. DEW/ISM also contains a parts database, which manages the engineering characteristics of all electrical components. This database can be formatted for a customer’s specific operating conditions.

The load model will consume interval data provided from meter data management systems to create an 8760 hourly annual load profile. For customers without AMI, DEW/ISM leverages load research statistics to create an 8760 view from monthly consumption data. Traditional peak models, spot loads, and load estimating are also supported.

Finally, DEW/ISM will attach any relevant measurements to the model and utilize them in the calculations. These include SADA start-of-circuit measurements, generation output, phasor measurements, capacitor controls, and any other control or monitoring equipment.

DEW/ISM Installation and Training

EDD provides on-site installation services to set up DEW/ISM to run in the local customer environment. Services include technical architecture design, configuration, testing, and support. We have existing interfaces with all leading GIS vendors, data historians, SCADA vendors, engineering analysis applications, weather services, OMGs, and others.


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