Robert Broadwater, Ph.D.

Robert Broadwater, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Broadwater is Chief Technology Officer for Electrical Distribution Design and a professor of electrical power and computer engineering at Virginia Tech, where he earned his doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering. He has extensive experience in power utility distribution system and nuclear power plant modeling, control, analysis, and design.

He is the founding developer of the DEW/ISM software and Graph Trace Analysis, which is the main analysis approach used in DEW/ISM. Dr. Broadwater has been working as a senior consultant and developer with leading U.S. utility industry, government, and academic research organizations to develop new concepts for model-centric design, control, and information management for power utility systems for over 25 years.

As a result, Dr. Broadwater’s software and analysis concepts are being used for a growing number of next generation design, operations management, and control initiatives. Major organizations that are either currently working with or have provided support for GTA and DEW/ISM development include:

Consolidated Edison
Orange and Rockland Utilities
Pepco Holdings Inc.
DTE Energy
Central Hudson Gas and Electric
The National Information Solutions Cooperative
Southern California Edison
Silicon Valley Power
Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research Development Center Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Office of Naval Research
Office of the Secretary of Defense
Department of Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech
Columbia University
University of West Virginia
Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute

Dr. Broadwater holds patents and has submitted patent disclosures for Online Transformer Conversion Monitoring, Nonlinear Observers in Electric Power Networks, Discrete Ascent Programming, and Nuclear Power Plant Controller Design, and copyrights to the EPRI Distribution Engineering Workstation, Distribution Analysis/Economic Evaluation Workstation, and TVPPA Electrical Distribution Analysis Software. His recent book chapters are “Real Time Control of Distributed Generation,” published in Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution and “Power Distribution,” published in The Engineering Handbook.

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