Rich Seguin

Rich Seguin

Rich Seguin joined Electrical Distribution Design in 2006 after retiring from DTE Energy after 36 years. He had worked in transmission, sub transmission, distribution, and distributed resource planning. His most recent assignments with DTE Energy included project manager for DTE Energy’s DOE Advance Integration of DER and Intentional Islanding Project, DTE Energy’s MPSC-funded PHEV project, and DOE-funded GridApp Model-Based Coordinated Control Project.

At EDD, Rich currently works as project manager and provides DEW/ISM customer support and analysis consulting. His recent development and demonstration projects include high penetration solar analysis, community energy storage, and smart inverter demonstration.

Recent analysis and consulting services led by Rich include a 20-year capital planning study to determine the impact of potential PV growth, and development, and implementation of automated analysis of close to 1,700 distribution feeders to identify best candidates for application of CVR.

Rich has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Clarkson University.

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