At Distributech 2018 … Learn about Pepco Holding Incorporated’s use of EDD’s Integrated System Model technology for DER analysis and Big Data

The DEW/ISM software from Electrical Distribution Design represents a new paradigm in modeling and analysis for electric utilities.  Come listen to Steve Steffel, Manager of Regional Capacity Planning – Distributed Energy Resources, speak on Tuesday, January 23rd at 3 pm in the session:  Real World Experiences Streamlining DER Interconnection Studies.  Steve’s presentation, entitled “Big Data Analytics at Pepco Holdings: Integrated System Model,” will describe the implementation of DEW/ISM that includes a 1.9M meter Integrated System Model of PHI’s primary and secondary system.  The ISM includes over 730 MW’s of DER and an 8760 hourly load model for all 1.9M customers with net-metered accounts separated into native load and DER output.  The ISM provides a platform for automating engineering analysis and maintaining model data quality that is critical for managing the modern smart grid.

EDD’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Robert Broadwater, will be on hand to answer questions and to meet with interested parties to discuss the DEW/ISM technology.

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EDD presents at WPI Seventh Annual Energy Symposium: Engineering Impacts from Energy Policy

EDD’s Dr. Jason Bank (Principal Engineer) and James Tarpey (Executive Consultant) will be presenting at the September 28th WPI Energy Symposium.  Their talk will be part of the session:  “State Policies Driving Engineering Changes.”

EDD provides the DEW/ISM advanced network modeling and analysis software product to electric utility clients.  The presentation will center on specific client use cases of DEW/ISM where regulatory policy changes are causing utilities to reinvent how engineers model, analyze, and design distribution systems to integrate increasing levels of Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

DEW/ISM has significant market advantages over traditional engineering software for building and maintaining large detailed Integrated System Models of electric distribution and/or transmission systems.  With DEW/ISM engineers can connect and make use of measurements from AMI, SCADA, PV, storage and other smart devices.  Automation of engineering analysis with DEW/ISM reduces the cost and time required for DER interconnection requests, and provides for more consistent results.

Click here to view the presentation.

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PEPCO Holdings uses DEW/ISM to Calculate DER Hosting Capacity

Pepco Holdings (PHI) has gone live with their DER Hosting Capacity website  The site enables any stakeholder to view an interactive map to determine how much renewable energy and other distributed energy resources can be connected to the distribution system.  The Hosting Capacity is calculated using the DEW/ISM software from EDD, and the results are displayed on a geospatial interactive map.  The EDD Hosting Capacity algorithm is run against the Integrated System Model of PHI’s distribution system.  The ISM is part of EDD’s software solution.  The ISM is a geospatial power-flow model that includes PHI’s 1.9M metered customers with 8,760 hourly load models for each customer, 2,248 primary circuits, 356,000 distribution transformers with secondary conductors, 49 downtown networks, 338 substations and approximately 65,000 DER representing 731 MW’s.  The advantage of the EDD Hosting Capacity approach using the ISM model is that many thousands of power-flow runs are made so that a highly accurate estimate of hosting capacity can be provided.  For further information about EDD products and services, including Hosting Capacity analysis, please visit our website ( or contact us ( for a product demonstration.


EDD staff contributes major authorship to NREL’s just-released PV Handbook

The “High Penetration PV Integration Handbook for Distribution Engineers” has been released and is available for free download from the NREL website at:

The PV Handbook was written as part of a DOE Sunshot project. Lead authors were Barry Mather of NREL, and Rich Seguin, Jeremy Woyak, Dave Costyk, and Josh Hambrick of EDD. An industry peer review team included representatives from leading US. utilities and universities. Southern California Edison provided circuit models and data for the project.

The PV Handbook is a reference manual for practicing distribution engineers working in North America. It is written to provide engineers with a framework for quantifying the impacts of PV that is being interconnected to the electric distribution system. The handbook will be applicable for utility engineers, PV developers, researchers, and customers when trying to study how to add PV to the distribution system. The PV Handbook is agnostic in regards to which modeling and analytics tool an engineer is using.

EDD is a software and engineering services company headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia. They are the exclusive owner of the DEW/ISM modeling and engineering analysis software. EDD has developed a full suite of analysis tools within our DEW/ISM software that engineers can use to analyze the impact of connecting PV to the grid. Clients of EDD are using DEW/ISM for PV analysis in the following areas:

  • DER Interconnection Studies
  • DER Hosting Capacity Analysis
  • DER Screening
  • DER Data Mapping and Tracking
  • DER Service Transformer and Secondary Analysis
  • DER Analysis of Meshed Networks

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